Banning of Capital Punishment

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Banning of Capital Punishment is a Liberalian Law. It was a controversial bill at the time heavily opposed and heavily supported by various nations. Fishyguy tried to argue for an extension to the vote due to the closeness of the vote and controversial nature of the law but Curiaistan argued that this kind of request was unprecedented and was not in itself a strong enough argument.

It was passed by one vote.

[edit] The Bill

Article I Introduction

Clause I Note that all prisoners should have the right to become useful members of society, and change their violent ways to become good people.

Clause II Let it be said in many cases, people are wrongly accussed of crimes, and it is only after their execution there is enough evidence to prove their innocence.

Article II Proposals

Clause I All forms of capital punishment is hereby banned.

Clause II Capital Punishment is defined as the death penalty, or any sentence by death.

Clause III Decisions on parole will be up to individual nations depending on the criminal's behavior and life changes.

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